United Nations Historical Security Council

Ivory Coast Civil War (2004)

The early 2000’s were really intense when it comes to conflicts and geopolitical disputes. We usually hear about questions regarding European or American politics, but in the meantime the African Continent was boiling in wars and massacres.

In this context, Cotê d’Ivoire went into chaos. A series of coups, attempts to fraud elections and lots of ethnical and religious tensions had been ravaging the fragile democracy. A failed coup attempt in 2002 ignited the country into a high proportion civil war. The Ivory Coast became politically and territorially segregated into the rebel-held north and the government-controlled south.


Although a peace agreement was reached in January 2003, the war never stopped. Now it is November 2004 and the conflict seems to have reached its climax. Will the UN Security Council be able to find diplomatic solutions to the crisis? Will it be able to save the thousands of lives at stake in the region?

The Directors


Greetings, dear delegates! My name is Daniel but you can all call me Tex. I'm a former student from Cruzeiro Centro and currently study Medicine in the UFRJ. Despite being a 'mediciner', I've always interested myself in MUN Conferences and have a special place for MICC in my heart. I really expect this Comittee to be a big success and that you can all grow a lot from it. Me and the other chair members want to build a very supportive environment in which no one feels disrespected (in any way!!!). I think that's everything for now! See you all in February :)


Howdy partner! Paes is my name and I’m mighty glad to be your director, I’m sure it’s gonna be a terrific ride. Truth be told, diplomatic simulations hold a special place in my heart, MICC even more so. I’m a law major; and as such, I’ve amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge, so please, I am more than happy to answer any of your questions, much obliged. Looking forward to seeing y’all in our beautiful Security Council!


Hello, delegates! I'm Luiz Elias, and I graduated last year from Colégio de São Bento do Rio de Janeiro, where I served as Secretary-General of the IV MIB. As a great fan of modern history and geopolitics, I am fascinated by the Civil War in Ivory Coast and can't wait to see all of you in what I hope will be the best committee in this year's MICC. See you there!


Dear delegates, welcome to the MICC! My name is Paula Pollhuber and it is with great pleasure that not only I participate in this MUN but I am also a director. I hope you have as much fun as I do and wish you all the best of luck. If there are any doubts, feel free to reach me! Kisses!


Hi, my name is Luisa, I'm 19 years old and I study Architecture and Urbanism at PUC-Rio. I am very excited, English committees have a special place in my heart and I hope that even with the language barrier, everyone will have an amazing experience! See you in February <3